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The first edition of Afristories’ Festival of Flash Fiction Competition is now open. For this edition, we are starting with some very scary shit. Yes. We are doing Horror.

We are looking for short stories that evoke fearsome ghosts from the world of the dead; stories that hunt the living to the point that they shed bloody tears and suffer sleeplessness. Are you capable of transforming words to fear? If you can, then get into your creative sepulcher and start evoking.

Word count: Min of 500 – Max of 700
Prize to be won:
Editor’s Pick Winner: 20k; (This winner is determined by our Editorial Team; they look through the entries and pick the story that appeal to their sensibility.
Audience Winner Male: 15k; (Determined through voting by reader)
Audience Winner Female: 15k; (Determined through voting by reader)

How do Readers vote?

Readers vote for entries by giving positive review in comment section. The entry with the highest reviews wins

We will notify you when you entry has been published. Readers – who are the audience – can vote for your entry by saying something nice about your entry. The top two entries will be selected.

Send your entry as a word document attachment to afristories99@gmail.com with the subject: Flash Fiction Entry

Entry and voting starts on the 15th of Oct, 2022

Entry and voting closes on 25th of Nov, 2022

Winners will be announced on 28th of Nov, 2022

In a situation where Afristories’ Editorial Team select a winner that also has the highest number of Audience votes… Congratulations to the fellow, that’s double winnings.



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